Adriaan van Garde was born in postwar reconstruction year 1951 in the old town of Dordrecht, a former seaport. After discarding the usual boy’s dreams about occupations like nuclear physicist, foreign currency arbitrager or spiritual healer, he decided that he would be a writer at the age of sixteen. At first glance an understandable decision, since his creative mind produced a plentitude of ideas. However an illness from his childhood had drowned his mind in a strange blanket of mist which prevented the translation of these ideas into stories. The result was that he suffered from a writer’s block the very moment he decided to be a writer. This tragedy has led to his ever increasing withdrawal from public life.

Awaking one morning in the autumn of 2007, he discovered that the mist blanket in his mind had suddenly gone. Shortly after this discovery he met an old friend from his youth whom he showed his notebook full of ideas for stories. His former townsman was immediately thrilled by these ideas, and he encouraged Adriaan to write down his stories. The friend also offered his help in finding publishers and in promotional activities. Reluctantly at first, but later with growing confidence and enthousiasm Adriaan commited his stories to paper. Finally, after forty years, he could realize his dream of becoming a writer.

Adriaan writes fiction of all sorts; he does not confine himself to a single genre. On the contrary, he prefers to mix elements of different genres in his stories. In Dutch he has published 25 stories so far, 20 of them in print.